After 20 years of nation-building in the Balkan countries, a big payoff may be in sight. But it will still be a long time before the United States can declare victory and pull out.

For decades, America’s chief answer to crime has been to put more criminals behind bars for longer. That expensive strategy is yielding diminishing returns. It’s time for a closer look at ways of helping ex-offenders steer away from crime.

When felony defendants jump bail, bounty hunters spring into action. It’s a uniquely American system, and it works.

The old divide between hard and soft strategies is breaking down under a wave of new thinking about how to control crime.

In many respects, Chinese success is a win-win game.


No one wishes for a total Chinese collapse, but certain setbacks should be welcomed.


Behind the rise of Mahatma Gandhi was a little-recognized team of followers he carefully recruited including his secretary, Mahadev Desai.


Like many other countries, the United States is buried under a pile of mounting debt. Tunneling out will mean making some tough choices that can’t be put off much longer.

What if a man who is sentenced to die claims to have evidence of his innocence? Common sense cries out for the case to be tried again, but important legal principles say otherwise.