In Essence

Joel Havernann,
Rochelle L. Stanfield, and Neal R. Peirce,Way Up North in National Journal (June 26, 1976). 1730 M St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.
Federal tax and spending policies are abetting a huge transfer of wealth from the Northeast and Midwest to the fast-growing southern and western "sunbelt" states, according to National Journal compu-tations. The people of the economically stagnating Northeast and Great Lakes states are paying out vastly more in federal taxes than they receive...

"A Party Jack Barbash, in Challenge (MayJune
Known as COPE" 1976), 901 N. Broadway, White Plains,
N.Y. 10603.
An American labor party could have emerged from the mass unionism of the 1930s but it did not happen-and it's not going to happen. Barbash, a University of Wisconsin economist, traces early American unionism from its anti-industrial and anti-capitalist origins to the New Deal era, when labor leaders like the coal miners' John L. Lewis turned their backs on class theory and embarked...