The Changing Family

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doff, in Harper's (Oct. 1976), 2 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016. Our present system of congressional reapportionment is a disaster, says Lebedoff, a Minneapolis lawyer and treasurer of the Democratic- Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota. leaving reapportionment to be determined by state legislatures, single-party rule in every district is virtually assured. "The result is a Congress in which nearly every seat is permanently safe," Lebedoff argues. (In 1972, despite the biggest presidential...

military revolts and internal disorder within a nuclear-armed country.
One dilemma is the extent to which our own sophisticated safe- guards against accidental or unauthorized detonation should be shared with countries not bound the Non-Proliferation Treaty. While the United States may not wish to reward these nations by offering them advanced technology to guard against misuse, some of the most effec- tive American safeguards involve electronic locking devices and other design features which render...

The Debtor's Countryman, in The Nation (Sept. 4,
Dilemma 1976), 333 Sixth Ave., New York, N.Y.
The Federal Bankruptcy Act falls far short of giving the debtor the
"fresh start" the Supreme Court said was one of the law's primary
purposes, writes Countryman, professor of law at Harvard. It's like
"applying a Band-Aid to a gaping wound."
Originally passed Congress in 1898, the Act was last revised sig-
nificantly in 1938 and still reflects the attitudes and...

Changing Medium" Judith Goldman, in Art News (Summer 1976), 121 Garden St., Marion, Ohio 43302. The 1960s saw a revival and proliferation of print-making and selling, which is now big business. Lavish ads in the mass media lure buyers into paying large sums for "original" prints which may be reproduc- tions of little value. Sets of six "authentic lithographs" by Renior were recently advertised and sold by mail for $2,250 per set. In fact, they were reproductions of Renior...

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By Joshua C. Taylor
Smithsonian, 1976, 320
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BY Alexander Eliot, et al.
McGraw 1976t 320 pp.
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By Bartolome! ArzAns de
Orsfia y Vela. Edited by
R. C. Padden
Brown Univ., 1975,209 pp.
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Stephen Hess
Twice I have served on White House staffs-at the end of one administration (1959-61) and at the beginning of another (1969). All presidencies, of course, are different. But one could hardly fail to observe differences that were exclusively a product of time. Beginnings and endings are different. There are differences of pace, attitude, objectives, and response, not only between adminis- trations but also within each one.
What follows is a composite portrait of a President over the...

Alexis de Tocqueville saw the American family, so different from the European, as an exemplar and bulwark of sober democracy.

Americans in academic centers. And, more remarkably, an unprecedented surge in studies of the United States Rus- sian specialists. In each country, during the 1970s, popular ac-counts of everyday life in the other have become best sellers. Here, two young American scholars, S. Frederick Starr and William Zim- merman, analyze in turn what the Russians have been writing about the Americans, and vice versa.

by S. Frederick Starr
Rare is the American over 35 who cannot d...

"I have always been regarded by the United States establishment as an oddball, and I am a strange mixture of a reactionary and a liberal," George Kennan said in a lengthy Encounter interview last September. "It is perfectly true that in my attitude toward what is going on in the United States and Western civilization . . . I am worried and profoundly pessimistic."
Long a student of Russia, Mr. Kennan w...

George F. Kennan