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"Fighting Among the Doves" James Finn, in Worldview (Apr. 1977), 170 E. 64th St., New York, N.Y. 10021. Among American former antiwar activists, as Worldview editor Finn reports, bitter controversy has broken out over evidence of totalitarian repression in South Vietnam. In Manhattan, one faction (including Finn) sent a public "Appeal" to Hanoi, December 29, protesting the Communists' detention of many leading non-Communist foes of the wartime Saigon regime. They urged Hanoi...

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by Norman and
Jeanne MacKenzie
Simon & Schuster, 1977
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by Golo Mann
Holt, 1976,909 pp. $22.50
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by John Walker
Abrams, 1976, 696 pp.
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Edwin 0.Reischauer
In 1945 Japan lay in ruins, a defeated, helpless pariah among nations-its cities destroyed, its industry at a standstill, its people exhausted, confused, and demoralized. Yet in only one generation the country has risen like the proverbial phoenix to become, next to the colossi of the United States and the Soviet Union, the great- est economic power in the world, with a remarkably free and stable society, an efficiently functioning democratic system of government, and a vibrant...

buffalo hunters who wasted more than they took. But the record shows an abid- ing, if somewhat erratic, public concern for the well-being of the American environment. Since 1970, the country has been en-gaged in an unprecedented effort to clean up its air and water, as the chart indicates. And of late, there has been a revival of the turn-of-the-century notion that natural resources are not limitless. Here, conservationist J. Clarence Davies I11 sketches the historical antecedents of the present...

David P. Bayash
More than 100 years after The Origin of the Species was first published, students of behavior are finally coming to grips with Darwin's message. It's about time. The behavioral sciences in gen- eral-and social science in pal-ticular-have long suffered from an inferiority complex relative to the "harder" sciences, notably chemistry and physics. Even a cursory reading of the classic texts , in these areas, such as Linus Pauling's General Chemistry and Richard Feynman's Lectures...

Reviews of new research public agencies and private institutions "Nuclear Power Issues and Choices" Report of the Nuclear Energy Policy Study Group (sponsored by the Ford Foundation, administered by the MITRE Corporation), Ballinger Publishing Co., 17 Dunster St., Cambridge, Mass. 02138. Although the nation's oil and natural gas supplies will be seriously de-pleted before the year 2000, a "mix" of coal-burning generators and uran- ium-powered nuclear plants (light-water reactors)...



He holds a pistol in each hand, he has a toy tommy gun hanging on his chest.
"How does your mother feel about these weapons?"

"She bought them for me."
"And why?"
"Because of the bad people."
"And who is good?"
"Lenin? Who is he?"

He thinks hard, but does not know what to answer. "You don't know who Lenin is?" "The captain."


"I've been el...